Born in a small town in Ohio, Jessica Lynne White has practiced as a licensed physical therapist for 23 years. However, after Covid hit and White had a baby at 43 years of age, she felt inspired to do something different. She felt that she could bring more out of her career and help other women scale their businesses, given the first-hand experience she had with entrepreneurship.

“I left a comfortable Rehabilitation Director job in corporate healthcare at a 240-bed Subacute Hospital in Santa Monica, California to start a Digital Marketing Agency during Covid to help other women (primarily) start and scale their businesses with confidence and clarity,” says White.

White’s digital marketing agency, Kickstartsocial.co, serves Health, Wellness, and Beauty brands looking to scale and succeed online. Being a licensed therapist herself, she understands the practical know-how in the industry, which she aims to implement in her digital marketing strategy with brands online. This skill gives her a cutting edge advantage over other digital marketing agencies that are unfamiliar with the products and services native to Medpsa’s, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians and beauty practitioners like Body Sculpting businesses.

White says, “I am well versed in medical terminology and the treatment benefits of the clients that I work with.  This allows me to uplevel their marketing to laser target their dream clients with more accuracy and a less sales-y approach.”

However, what sets apart her business the most is her relentless endeavor to advocate for women entrepreneurs. Being a businesswoman herself fuels within her the passion to connect and motivate other driven women like herself.

Despite being a mom, White knew she had to make certain sacrifices if she wanted to attain the goals she had set for herself. So she did what was demanded of her and is here now today, telling her story to inspire others like herself. “If you want it, you make it happen and make calculated sacrifices. If you don’t, you make excuses,” says she.

In order to ensure the success of her digital marketing agency, White actively collaborates with her peers in the field of social media and digital marketing to stay one step ahead of online marketing trends. She also understands the importance of branding and having a well-designed digital marketing strategy that ultimately enables her to help her clients grow wildly successful businesses of their own.

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