The case of CeeLo Green and the ecstasy he allegedly “furnished” to a woman is a strange one.

LAPD kicked off its investigation of The Voice star in August 2012, and worked from the apparent assumption that Green allegedly “drugged her” and then committed “sexual assault,” according to a department statement. The narcotic MDMA or molly is far from a date-rape drug, though:

LAPD should know better.

Ecstasy is a stimulant and a relative of methamphetamine. That alone should tell you it's no date-rape drug. Don't mistake its touchy-feely, lovey-dovey qualities for GHB. It neither gets men up nor knocks women out, for the most part.

Quite the opposite.

Overuse and abuse of molly can make people pass out. But at that point you'd better call an ambulance or face the possibility of a homicide investigation.

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Green, aka 38-year-old Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, was booked and released from jail yesterday, according to L.A. County Sheriff's Department inmate records.

LAPD alleges in a statement that he …

… drugged her using ecstasy and sexually assaulted her. The female met with Mr. Callaway for dinner at which time she believed he drugged her. The sexual assault occurred later that night at the Luxe Hotel near the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

The department says it found “insufficient evidence to prove rape of an intoxicated person beyond a reasonable doubt.”

But Green was charged with the crime of “furnishing ecstasy to a female victim,” the District Attorney's Office said.

Credit: CeeLo Green / Facebook

Credit: CeeLo Green / Facebook

The DA's version of the story said that Green …

… allegedly slipped ecstasy to a 33-year-old female while the two were dining at a downtown Los Angeles restaurant sometime between July 13 and July 14, 2012. The two later went back to the woman's hotel. Prosecutors declined to file a charge of rape of an intoxicated person, citing insufficient evidence.

TMZ got the scoop on the case yesterday and quickly suggested that …

… authorities had problems with the woman's story … one of which was that she and CeeLo had been dating for months and had already been intimate.

The site says there's a tape, however, of CeeLo talking about ecstasy, and that this is what could have led to the “furnishing” charge.

Green pleaded not guilty.

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