Why “Being Fabulous” is Entrepreneur Whitney Alexandra’s Top Core Value

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Years ago, Whitney Alexandra found herself in a familiar space that resonates with many empowered and ambitious women. On the surface, her life appeared to be on track with a coveted “dream job”, marked by financial success and accolades. However, internally, she was grappling with a cacophony of conflicting emotions.

She lingered on the precipice of burnout for an extended period, feeling inundated by the demands of both life and work. Despite feeling overwhelmed, Whitney couldn’t find a better, more lasting way forward. “I just kept pushing through to the next day and the next month, waiting for the ‘perfect time’ where I would finally get a rest. It felt like I was living to work, despite dreaming about a very different life.”

Then, during a serendipitous visit to Sephora, her perspective shifted. A chance encounter with her now-favorite fragrance, Tom Ford’s “F*cking Fabulous”, served as a powerful reminder of her inherent strength. This moment became a catalyst for change. It became evident that Whitney desired a larger, more purposeful existence — one that ignited inspiration, overflowed with joy, and allowed her to tap into her authentic potential.

She asked herself, “What if feeling fantastic every day could be as simple as spraying on a delightful perfume and deciding it was true?”

At that moment, she committed to believing that every day could indeed be fabulous. She embraced the idea that life didn’t have to be a constant struggle and that she could attain everything she desired. Whitney realized that every woman deserves love, wealth, happiness, and success – on her own terms. “Being in Sephora that day was my lightbulb moment. That was the lowest time in my life, and I was searching for more purpose. I decided then and there that everything I rebuilt had to be fabulous. I was done with settling.” Since then, she has never doubted that choice.

Now, Whitney’s decision to lead a fabulous life has been her guide to become a sought-after performance coach for women entrepreneurs committed to unlocking their full potential.

From this, her first core value for herself was born: Being Fabulous

She also implements this value into her business; “We always start with Fabulous! We design a life, team, business, and community that is fabulous. Our programs are fabulous. Our clients are fabulous. Everything we create is smart, luxurious, and designed to be an unforgettable experience”.

So what is Fabulous Friday?

Whitney explains it as a verb; Fabulous Friday – “to take action that supports evolving into your best self”.

She encourages you to start showing up as the highest level person you want to become. Ask yourself, what actions can you take on this Friday to support yourself in living your best life and reaching your goals? (This could look different every Friday)!

Every Friday is an invitation to tap into your own inner wisdom, notice how you’re feeling, and create your own Fabulous Friday.


Friday Feeling: Ready for Rest

Some signs you are ready for rest might be: moving slower than usual, feeling overwhelmed, or sick (colds, headaches, body aches).

How Can You Channel “Low and Tired” Energy This Friday?

Give yourself some rest and self-love. Pause and appreciate the simple joys, like stopping to smell the roses – literally! Embrace self-love, it’s a powerful medicine. Take a moment to turn inward, attuning to your heart and body, and fulfill their desires. Give yourself a break; indulge in a nap, sleep in, or go to bed early. Embrace a leisurely pace — engage in reading, have a mid-afternoon bath, and treat yourself like royalty. Whether it’s finding solace in yourself or surrounding yourself with high-vibe friends, nourish yourself authentically. “Every high-performer struggles to slow down and rest. But it’s impossible to do big things when you are running on fumes. Take the rest you need and you’ll feel energized from the break.”

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Let this serve as a gentle nudge to infuse more self-care and love into your daily routine, fostering balance and sustaining positive vibes through all circumstances. Remember, you deserve self-love at all times!

Friday Feeling: Balanced and Peaceful

Some signs you are feeling balanced and peaceful: you are feeling content, your mood is stable and consistent, and you’re managing your stress level well.

How Can You Channel “Balanced and Peaceful” Energy This Friday?

Embrace your playful side and explore new things with a light and fun attitude! “Play is always the fastest way to get back into your magnetic energy. It’s important to do something that brings you joy and takes your mind away from work. The play often sparks new creative ideas and will recharge you.” Engage in creative activities like painting, music, or dance to ignite joy and inspiration. When you’re in balance, you’ll have the energy and motivation to make fresh discoveries — learn a new skill or try a new restaurant. Inject excitement into your life by booking a solo or friend-filled weekend or day trip. You’ll be surprised at how dedicating space to be creative and inspired benefits your entire life, being, and business.

You could also consider channeling this energy into goal-setting — the fun-kinda-work that dreams are made of! Dream, plan, and act on your future, perhaps through prompted journaling and creating a vision board. Imagine yourself as the CEO of your business — envision her daily routine, whether it’s shopping for new office space or extending an offer letter to a new team member. Dream big, take action, and seize the moment — it’s your time now.

Friday Feeling: Energized and Inspired

Some signs you are feeling energized and inspired: feeling excited, positive, wanting to be around people, your cup is overflowing and you’d like to share your energy and excitement with those around you!

Whitney’s Hot Tip: Share the love, don’t empty the cup. Find balance in how much energy you put out vs. how much energy you call in. You hold the power!”

How Can You Channel “Energized and Inspired” Energy This Friday?

Get in touch with the community! Radiate your light to those in your circle. Now is an ideal moment to engage with peers in your industry or with shared interests at networking events and educational opportunities. If you have a client reaching a milestone, consider celebrating with them — invite them to lunch or send a thoughtful card or gift. While you are vibing high, seize the opportunity to do something strategic for your business.

Celebrate the good times — pop the champagne and feel the excitement! Treat yourself queen; buy those new shoes or a visit to your favorite restaurant (or wear those shoes to the restaurant!). Enjoy the company of those you love. This is a fabulous chance to travel and take a vacation to a beautiful destination. Whether it’s a grand gesture or a small joy, there’s always something worth celebrating. You’re amazing, and you absolutely deserve it! “Every moment is worth celebrating. The more time you spend in this energy, the more attractive your energy will be and the faster you will step into your next level of success.”

So this Friday, what are you going to channel your energy into? But most importantly are you ready to be Fabulous?!

About Whitney

Whitney Alexandra is a Performance Coach for top women entrepreneurs who want to create limitless wealth and a fabulous life beyond their wildest desires. She has spent the past 20+ years helping powerful business owners unlock their peak potential.

Through her signature approach rooted in evidence-based performance coaching strategies, Whitney’s clients experience transformational shifts in a fraction of the time — often up-leveling every area of their lives and businesses in a matter of mere months.

In 2023, Whitney was named a member of the prestigious Forbes Business Council. As a thought leader and contributor on this global platform, Whitney is focused on opening up higher-level conversations and connections to women entrepreneurs all over the world.

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