Yo Gabba Gabba may be known as TV's hippest, trippiest kids' TV show, but you don't have to be a punky parent to know that the lessons taught by vivacious host DJ Lance Rock and his giant puppet creature pals Foofah, Brobee, Toodee, Muno and Plex via song and kitschy imagery are exactly what toddlers and preschoolers need to hear, delivered so vibrantly that they actually want to. “Don't Bite Your Friends,” veggies should join the “Party in My Tummy,” and some times we all just gotta “Get the Sillies Out.” All true, even for grown-ups, right? Like the popular Nickelodeon program, Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!: There's a Party In My City! — performed in front of an eye-popping, light-bouncing Jumbotron — appeals to both parents and kids alike, thanks to its diverse musicality (creators Christian Jacobs of the Aquabats and Scott Schultz write all the ditties, which incorporate rap, ska, pop and rock) and sheer showmanship (local real DJ dude Rock wrangles and amps up the madness and then “breaks it dowwwn” like no other). Biz Markie will be in the house with his “Beat of the Day” and different “Dancey Dance” and “Super Music Friend Show” guests add an exciting aspect to the show (as if your kid gives a poop about Nicole Richie). Last year Snoop Dog popped in unannounced to do the “Peanutbutter Stomp.”

Fri., Nov. 26; Sat., Nov. 27, 2010

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