People like to say size doesn't matter but, come on, who are we kidding? Something big and powerful by sheer force can rock your world to another dimension. For those whose minds stray to the gutter, I'm talking about big bands, music ensembles with many members. The more the merrier, indeed. Here are the Biggest Bands In L.A. one should see over and over and over … and over again! (Prepare yourself, dear reader, for many puns and innuendos.)

Dante Vs. Zombies, the supergroup led by Dante White–a fantastic, forceful performer–features members of Jail Weddings, The Like, Swahili Blonde, and more. Here's the brand new video for “Yes, I'm Stalking You,” a romantic song for the scary and psychedelic lover in all of us.

Dante vs. Zombies – Yes, I'm Stalking You from KR Videos on Vimeo.

Six members is the smallest a big band can be, and Tommy Santee Klaws sets the motion in the proverbial ocean with jaw-dropping, goosebump-inducing soulful tenderness.

Take what you know about plain old “tap dancing” and throw it all away. Let Las Cafeteras reveal a whole new world of rhythmic prowess. Nine members, check. Dancing on a box, check.

Jail Weddings has a delicious 1950s, losing my mind, married-couple-with-a-double-life flavor and a ten-piece band.

Jail Weddings – I Thought You Were Someone I Knew from KR Videos on Vimeo.

It doesn't get much stranger than Fancy Space People, featuring Nora Keys and the man with permanent eyeliner, Don Bolles. While the sound isn't great on this video, the kinky weirdness is at its peak.

Fulfilling more than a few fantasies, L.A. Ladies Choir takes some of the best looking female singers in town, dresses them up, and squeezes them onto a stage for ocular devouring. Look but don't touch!

Vaud & The Villains is a 1930s New Orleans style musical extravaganza, with around nineteen members, costumes, dancers, and a powerful horny section. (Pun intended!)

The prize for the biggest band in L.A. must go to Killsonic. They come marching through, hurrah hurrah, with a lot of pounding. Too many members to even count but it's a carnival's worth.

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