Poketo's new collection for Target debuts on August 10. (The design team known as Poketo is all about functional, accessible art, so the Target collaboration makes sense.) Portions of the look book have been rotating on the Poketo site recently. We can expect playful, colorful totes and umbrellas it seems. The images, shot by photographer Ye Rin Mok, feature a pretty, slim Asian girl with shoulder-length black hair. That girl is artist Jeana Sohn.

Jeana, this look book will probably find its way into many places. How would you feel if afterwards, legions of people developed mad crushes on you?

Haha!! Thanks for saying that. Luckily(?) my face isn't in many of the photos. When we shot, I kept telling Ye Rin to crop out my head. I think they look better that way. I'm more part of the background, supporting the products. I think people will develop mad crushes on the cute Poketo products instead of me!

The hat you're wearing in the beach photo, is that the vintage one you bought earlier this year?

Yes! I think I blogged about it! 🙂

Did you draw/paint/design any of the fabric patterns in the line?

Not this time. I did some designs for Poketo a few years ago and recently we talked about doing some collaborations in the future. We'll see!!

What was it like being a model? You're usually the one creating the visuals, but this time you're IN the visuals.

I'm usually insecure about getting my photos taken but Ye Rin is my friend and such an amazing photographer, so I felt pretty comfortable during the shoot. Also, it was fun styling with my own wardrobe.

Which beach did you guys shoot at?

It's Rancho Palos Verdes beach, near San Pedro. We (my husband and the dogs) go there all the time. It's very mellow and beautiful.

Was your dog a diva during the shoot?

Haha! He was a very sweet diva!

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