File this contrast in the Just Sayin' Dept.

An L.A. Times blog flagged an Argonaut story about county beach fees rising higher than today's mercury, while City News Service reports that the L.A. City Council seems ready to all but waive some business taxes. According to the Argonaut, which serves the coastal curve from Santa Monica to Westchester, the Board of Supervisors is considering these raises:

“Dockweiler Beach parking lot fees from $7 during the summer weekends to $10, and the fees for Marina Lot 4 near the launch ramp from $5 on the summer weekends to $10. Fees for the Dockweiler RV Park would be raised from $45 for the front row hook-up to $65 and from $43 for the middle row hook-up to $60.”

Meanwhile, L.A.'s City Council, according to CNS, has been debating economic recovery strategies today: “[Janice] Hahn and Council President Eric Garcetti proposed reducing the city's

gross receipts tax or eliminating it altogether for certain companies in 'strategic categories.'”

Forget viewing businesses as sources of tax revenue — the city seems to be saying, “We can get that money

from the citizens.” The

irony is that half of L.A.'s industries, from Hollywood to the garment

trade, would move to Haiti in a minute if it were more convenient. For now, though,

they can enjoy being serenaded by City Hall.

LA Weekly