For the second time this year one of Charlie Sheen's vehicles was found at the bottom of a hillside off Mulholland Drive, according to reports. Just like the incident in February, the keys were left inside a Mercedes-Benz belonging to the actor, and it was apparently taken from his home, which is in a gated community. This time the vehicle was spotted shortly after 3 a.m. The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to check the car for occupants and soon found it was empty and that it belonged to Sheen, who lives nearby.

“The owner of the vehicle didn't realize his car was missing,” L.A. Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Peter Benesch told People. “We're making the assumption the car was stolen. The keys were found in the vehicle and it was pushed over the side of a hill.”

Sheen, 44, was awaken and was apparently unaware, once again, that his car had been driven or pushed down a cliff. The first incident in February appeared to involve a $100,000 S Class sedan, so this is getting to be an expensive habit.

Who's punking Charlie?

LA Weekly