Not wanting to deprive the rest of the world from exorbitant prices for locally grown goods, Whole Foods will open a store in Scotland this week, the first of its chain to open in the area. The store will open in Giffnock, a city near Glasgow. Londonites seem to love themselves some natural, organic Whole Foods products, so maybe the brand will catch on in Scotland too. According to Daily Finance, though, Whole Foods is anti-union, which may not bode well in the eyes of the Scottish.

At least 400 items sold in the Giffnock store will be from Scottish farms and vendors, something the multi-billion dollar company prides itself on. Residents also told Daily Finance that they're excited for the new job opportunities in the less-than-thriving area.

We wonder how long it will be before Scots come up with their version of a “Whole Foods Parking Lot” song. And how do you convert “80 bucks for 6 things” into pounds?

And even if the Scotland location doesn't work out, the company is scheduled to open a 17,000 square-foot store in Central London next year. The first Whole Foods store opened in 1980 in Austin, Texas.

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