My pals at World of Wonder (who did the amazing 24 hour James St. James podcast this past Sat.- see previous posts) have been hinting about it for a while, and today the announcement was made: WOW has teamed with gossip blogger Perez Hilton (whom I wrote about in the Weekly's People Issue recently) for a TV show which will air on VH1 this Fall.

PH describes the show, called What Perez Says as a TV version of his site with guests (but how is he gonna draw coke trails on them we wonder?) and “outside of the box” segments. With the WOW people involved, we're sure it will be out of the circle, triangle and trapazoid too.

We're actually watching Hilton on The View right now (and whew! Whoopie Goldberg, you go girl!) Whoop's basically ripping him a new one and making some good points (stuff I pointed out in my own story actually)…

Anyway, love him or hate him, looks like the Perez is here to stay, day-glo locks and all. Wanna say congrats (or F*** You) in person? Go to The Factory tonight where he'll host Pop Stars featuring a performance by Hilary Duff. Yes, she'll be “singing” and yes it will be very, very gay.

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