There are no limits to sexual fantasies. If you’re a regular porn viewer, you probably chanced upon videos of what many would find — well — weird. However, sex robots, though odd to some, there are those who would engage in sex acts with this technologically-advanced contraption.

Study: These Types of People Are Open to Using Sex Robots 

Concordia University researchers surveyed people to see which personality traits (that the participants possess) are more open to having sex with robots — and which types of people aren’t open to the idea of engaging in erotic acts with the droids. According to Dr. Simon Dubé, one of the head researchers and former Concordia Public Scholar, “We found that erotophilia and sexual sensation–seeking, as well as an enthusiasm for new, diverse or more intense erotic experiences, were the primary drivers behind people’s willingness to engage with these new technologies,”

Erotophilia and erotophobia, according to a journal published by the Journal of Sex Research, is “the disposition to respond to sexual cues along a negative-positive dimension of affect and evaluation,”

Who Can Benefit From Sex Robots

Dr. Simon Dubé also notes that men are more willing to try sex robots than women. He adds, “Right now, women probably do not feel that the product meets their own preferences or needs, or it is just too expensive for something that does not have to be particularly complex or interesting.”

Currently, the sex toy industry may be booming — and is expected to be a $62.32 billion market by 2023 — but the majority of the products are catered toward women. Female sex toys (that are used for masturbation) are available in the form of a dildo, vibrator, clitoral massagers, and many more. Men, however, commonly only have penile and prostate massagers available for them to purchase.

If the idea of sex robots takes off, and the scientists’ predictions that men are more likely to engage in sexual acts with one, men might just have another option to stimulate arousal and reach climax — even without the help of a partner.

How Sex Robots Work

According to AV Flox, a journalist who specializes in topics about law, sex, and technology, in their BBC interview, they said “Sex robots are going to require multiple disciplines to come together, from nanotechnology to replicate non-uniform textures of skin, to an AI complete with natural language understanding,”

But there seems to be a predicament that people can potentially face — there’s a controversy about whether or not it’s ethical to create and sell sex robots. According to Noel Sharkey, a University of Sheffield professor and co-author of the “Our Sexual Future with Robotsjournal, sex robots can potentially prevent rape crimes from occurring — though the certainty of this is still unknown. However, the professor says, “Some people say it’s better they rape robots than rape real people. There are other people saying this would just encourage rapists more.”

Until sex robots are sold widely, it’s perhaps the only time we’ll know for sure if sex robots can indeed prevent or lessen the prevalence of sex crimes.


Some fantasies can soon potentially turn into reality. Certain types of people, apparently, are open to engaging in erotic acts with sex robots — this can be a good thing for men. As the study suggests that men are more likely to try sex robots. However, there are those who are against the production of sex robots — they think that some people might “rape” them. If the androids are used for that purpose, it might encourage sex offenders to commit it against human beings — but others suggest that it might decrease the prevalence of sex crimes.

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