White Washing

In Gustavo Arrellano’s bigoted hate rant against Caucasians [“The Anti-Immigrant All-Stars,” May 5–11], he called someone (obviously a Caucasian) a skinny “gabacho.” I couldn’t find the word in the Spanish dictionary. Is this another new coined hate word against Caucasians like the often-used “gringo”? Perhaps Gustavo will answer that question at “Ask a Mexican” on laweekly.com.

Gustavo must think all Caucasians are rednecks by using that stupid stigma of “Whitey” having “yellowed jagged teeth.” My guess is, he just lied about it. I hope it will haunt him in his dreams for many years (as he wrote).

Apparently Gustavo spends too much time in his pursuit of hatred against Caucasians, since he missed the news that the reason Gilchrist “was nowhere to be found” is because he recently went to central Los Angeles and got some support of the black community, then went on his way to Arizona and New Mexico to find more volunteers.

When will the extremist racist anti-Caucasian left wing-nut newspapers in L.A. ever do an article exposing people like Jose Angel(?) Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington, and founder of the La Raza Unida political party who stated (and I heard his voice say it), “We have an aging white America . . . They are dying . . . We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

Who are the haters, Gustavo?

Kim Lee

Los Angeles

ARELLANO REPLIES: To paraphrase Louis Armstrong: If you gotta ask what a gabacho is, you are one. And nice try on trying to Frey me, chulo: Those yellow chompers were as real as your ignorance of the fact that many more African-American activists in Leimert Park came to boo Gilchrist away than join his wacko cause.

For more “Dear Gabacho” letters, see Arellano’s Ask a Mexican column at laweekly.com.

May Day

For the last few days I have tried to explain to those who were unable to attend the May 1 rally in Los Angeles the amount of energy and exhilaration that was in the air. Bravo to Mehammed Mack for accurately articulating in his article “True Colors” [May 5–11] the raw emotion and camaraderie which historically took place on May 1, 2006.

Rebeca Melendez

Los Angeles


Kate Sullivan wrote [“Rock & Roll Love Letter,” April 28-May 4], “And speaking of Xanadu, when are they going to have superproducer Jeff Lynne of ELO on the show? Is he even on the wish list?” Oh, if they only would!! As a fan of ELO/Jeff Lynne for more than 30 years, I for one would LOVE to see him get some well-deserved exposure. Not only is he a great singer-songwriter, he is one fantastic producer. My vote is for Jeff Lynne!

Elaine Morrow

Frisco, Texas

More Idolatry

I laughed so hard reading Kate Sullivan’s piece on American Idol/the Dodgers that I almost broke a rib. Brilliant! Kudos! Encore!

Tricia Halloran

Los Angeles

I Looked Over Jordan…

Your article “An Untamable Voice” [April 7-13] states that Faiza Al-Araji “attended a RAND conference in Jordan on women’s rights.” However, the RAND Corporation has never held such a conference in Jordan.

David Egner

Director of External Communications

The RAND Corporation

Extra Helpings

Jonathan Gold won the 2006 James Beard Award for newspaper restaurant reviews. Gold won what is now his fourth Beard for his stories “Great Balls O’Rice,” “Raw Power” and “The Revolutionary.”

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