Never underestimate the power of white underwear.

SIDENOTE: I use the term “underwear” in lieu of “panties,” a word I loathe. So when you read “underwear” imagine skimpy thongs and sexy boy-shorts, not granny-shorts.

I won't speak for every young female on the planet, but my underwear drawer does not consist of perfectly matched bra/thong sets or high-end lace culottes for that “special night.”

My top drawer is filled with thongs, boy-shorts and whatever else looked cute and comfortable in the $1.99 basket at Forever 21 or sale rack at the Gap. The beauty of both of those bargain bins is they're filled with cute plaid/printed/colorful pairs, passed over by those looking for the classics: black, beige and white.

However one must never forget the value of purchasing a few pairs of the white variety:

  1. A blue polka-dot thong visible through a white sun dress looks tacky.
  2. White underwear against tan skin looks sexy.
  3. There's something about white undies that drive men wild, especially worn under an outfit that screams the opposite of innocence.

My go-to pair (I bought 5) is a bright white G-string with lace edges and a little white bow on the front. Dainty, girly and the perfect mix of pure and slutty.

He'll know it's go-time when you lift up your skirt just enough for the bright white glow to peek out. It's a part of sign language they don't teach you in school.

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Image: Suat Eman.

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