Last week we told you about the white supremacist Daniel Schruender, who claims to be a retired teacher, running for the governing board of the Rialto Unified School District.

Thankfully, a bunch of candidates have filed to run for the two open seats, giving Rialto residents — most of whom are Latino or African-American — a few non-white supremacist choices. Welcome news.

Schruender had said he wouldn't inject his “ideology” into education policy decisions. He's probably lying but should be disqualified in any case.

Rialto, here are your non-Schruender, non neo-Nazi choices. Please study them. As Brad says in “Fast Times,” “Learn it. Live it. Know it.”

Sara Garcia, Joanne Gilbert, John Kazalunas, Lacey Kendall, Edgar Montes and Brenda Parker. Pick two of them. Any two really. Just don't pick the other guy.

LA Weekly