Stay tuned to West Coast Sound for more updates until this matter is resolved.

Wednesday afternoon update: Origami Vinyl has begun refunding folks who bought tickets there.

Wednesday morning update: Silver Lake Farmer's Market manager Edwin Gomez is saying that folks who bought discounted $10 tickets at the Market can get a refund if they come by there on Saturday or Tuesday.

Monday update: Both of Sunset Junction's phone numbers appear to have been disconnected.

So, Sunset Junction was canceled. It wasn't a total debacle. A lot of the bands played anyway — like 400 Blows and Butthole Surfers — and there was still something of a festival feeling in the air. (Check out Lina Lecaro's account for a full report.)

But what about refunds? Prospective attendees paid anywhere from $15 for advance one-day tickets to $100 for two-day VIP passes. And, as word came down on Wednesday that the city was once again denying its permit, Sunset Junction's Twitter feed offered this cryptic bit of hope: “Tickets/vendors money will be refund, it will take some time to clean up this mess Hope every1 understands thanks.” (Sic throughout)

Um, not so much. In fact, five days later, it looks like they're simply not picking up phone calls from ticket vendors.

Nobody's gotten their money back, and everyone is getting irritated. Over the weekend posted a letter from the ticketing agency to a prospective attendee asking for money back. It reads in part:

Unfortunately, the event organizers have not responded to us and it seems, at this time, they are reluctant to issue any refunds for any tickets sold….

Please be advised, as the Ticket Agency our normal course of action for any and all cancelled events, for which we processed the funds, would be to immediately refund all ticket sales to you. But complicating this situation and unlike the normal course, the ticket funds collected and the donations to the festival were all processed and collected through Sunset Junction's own credit card processing account. As a result, we are unable to issue refunds without the cooperation of the event organizers as we do not have access to the funds.

Currently, the only resolution we can offer is that you contact your bank and file a charge back/dispute claim. We understand that this is not the most convenient method of securing your refund. However we are absolutely confident that it will be the most effective way in resolving theissue.

Lovely! In any case, rest assured that we feel your pain, and that West Coast Sound will stay on top of this debacle. Check back here regularly, and we will let you know how to get your money back.

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