Until recently, your devotion to Dungeons & Dragons might have been a fetish you concealed from co-workers, family, even judgmental friends. But the days of hiding experience points from anyone who isn't a fellow player are gone. Stephen Colbert is a proud former D&Der, and Wil Wheaton has rejuvenated the Los Angeles gaming scene with all his Star Trek sex appeal.

Many closet gamers, having survived puberty relatively intact, now find equal revelry in the world of craft beer. The overlap between board geek and beer geek is considerable, so an organization has formed to meet the needs of those who love a round of Settlers of Catan as much as a tulip glass of Belgian Quadrupel. Board Beer Geek Tavern will unite gaming and beer at its inaugural social event in the new game room at Story Tavern on Saturday, April 5, at noon.]

Board Beer Geek Tavern; Credit: Board Beer Geek Tavern

Board Beer Geek Tavern; Credit: Board Beer Geek Tavern

A cask of Eagle Rock Brewing's Populist with sumac and honey – a medieval twist on a local favorite – will satisfy those looking for a specialty pour. With the price of admission, participants enjoy access to board games, (King of Tokyo, Ticket to Ride, Elder Sign, Seven Wonders in addition to Settlers and Pandemic), live music, a taco bar, and an imperial pint of craft beer or cider. Expect appearances from Kelly Boardman and the cast of Under the Table, Matt Buchholtz from Crit Juice, and Amy Vorpahl, improv comedian and host of Saving Throw (a role playing game tutorial web show).

Board Geek Beer Tavern is brought to you by Kip Barnes (BierkastLos Angeles Ale Works), John Michael Verive (Beer of Tomorrow), Josh Sellers (L.A. Beer Blog), and Hamish Cameron (designer of Conquering Corsairs). Their devotion to beer and gaming may flirt with fanaticism but they are excited to bring this union to the masses.

Barnes says, “One thing that board gaming has over video games (and I say this as someone who plays a lot of both) is actual human interaction. In the age where everyone is doing all social interaction and gaming online, there is something very satisfying about sitting in the same room with friends while having food and beer and playing a tabletop game.”

If you are more familiar with IBUs than RPGs, not to worry. Beginners are welcome and help will be on hand. These games can be played in 60 minutes, ensuring you an introductory taste of what has become a rich and genuinely captivating world of board games (Candy Land doesn't hold up but these games will). April 5 is also International TableTop day – what better way to celebrate than with a game and a beer in the company of new friends? Tickets available here.

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