Don't be a (Four)Square. It's time you show your Facebook up in the Twitterverse and GetGlued to Social Media Week, the global conference that explores emerging trends in social and mobile media by way of a five-day bonanza of meeting and tweeting, starting today. This event is all over the place, literally, in that its more than 70 events are held all over town, and figuratively, in that its panels broach just about every topic having to do with how social media is used. For scribes, we've got the “Empowering Writers” panel. There's the “Sustainability 2.0” panel, which shows the environmentally conscious how to use social media to promote change. For some girl chat, there's the “Women's Social Club,” plus lessons on how to handle your fans (don't we all have that problem?), a discussion of social media and physical fitness and even a panel on what happens when TV and online dating hook up with Twitter. Bow chica bow wow. Who knew social media could be so dead sexy? Best of all, any event you wish to attend is the big, fat FREE. Details on time and place at Mon.-Fri., Sept. 19-23; free.

Sept. 19-23, 2011

LA Weekly