Where the Chefs Eat is an ongoing series in which we ask a local chef to give us his or her favorite dining options. This week, Mary Sue Milliken, chef and owner of Border Grill, tells us her regular spots.

When Mary Sue Milliken eats out, invariably she eats Japanese. “My husband has been to Japan, like, 25 times, and I've gone with him quite a lot. So I'm very picky about my Japanese food.” She also stays close to home, on the Westside. So where are her go-to spots?

For yakitori: “Nanbankan on Santa Monica. Tony, the general manager is just the most delightful guy, and they always have really delicious yakitori.”

For sushi: “I go to Sushi K-Zo. We're regulars there. The chef is Keizo. He really does great sushi. He gets really nice fish. I'm not the type to order rolls and things. I always order all the specials. K-Zo does not disappoint.”

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