Where the Chefs Eat is an ongoing series in which we ask a local chef to give us his or her favorite dining options. This week we talk to Hinoki & The Bird and Comme Ca chef David Myers.

Burgers, Japanese comfort food, high end modernist cuisine — David Myers covers quite a lot of ground with his restaurant picks, and taking a cue from last week's picks from MB Post's David LeFevre, Myers gave us a full list of 10. Turn the page for his favorite places to eat around L.A.

10. Sunny Spot:

“The Slow Roasted Goat here is a great example of one of the country's most underutilized (and up and coming) meats. Their Diablo Prawns are spicy and satisfying, with a hint of glazed rum.”

The uni and burrata at Son of a Gun; Credit: B. Rodell

The uni and burrata at Son of a Gun; Credit: B. Rodell

9. Son of a Gun:

“Jon and Vinny [chefs and co-owners Shook and Dotolo]'s infamous Shrimp Toast Sandwich is as good as everyone says (maybe better). Also try their Uni with burrata, radicchio and yuzu–sweet buttery uni with creamy burrata and a pop of citrus.”

8. MB Post:

“The Steamed Mussels with green curry, Vietnamese sausage and coriander rice is fragrant and a beautifully unique combination of flavors.”

7. Yamadaya:

“Their tonkatsu ramen is simple, delicious and a perfect bowl of umami comfort.”

6. Apple Pan:

“Apple Pan has the original great burger in LA and has been around since 1947. The space has a classic vibe and the people behind the counter have been working there forever. You feel like you get a bit of history when you eat there.”

5. Sauce on Hampton:

“They have a Buffalo Burger that's insane. It's grass-fed buffalo meat that's very clean-tasting, done really simply, with bacon, tomato, lettuce, mustard and ketchup. It's a thick patty, cooked on a cast iron griddle, which lends a smoky note and a nice char to it. I love the texture and the flavor; I feel so good after I eat it. When I went to Japan, I was craving meat and came here straight from the airport.”

4. Yakitoriya:

“This place has some of the most authentic Japanese yakitori in LA. Some of my favorite dishes are the liver, which is served with this great mustard sauce, and the quail egg.”

Porcini, egg yolk gnocchi, mushroom hay and ice plant at ink.; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Porcini, egg yolk gnocchi, mushroom hay and ice plant at ink.; Credit: Anne Fishbein

3. ink.:

“Michael Voltaggio's restaurant is a haven for modernist thinking: he is full of creative ideas, and it shows on each plate. I like to go and sit at the bar– and it's right down the street from Comme Ca.”

2. Red Medicine:

“I love Jordan [Khan]'s take on Vietnamese food here. Style and substance.”

1. Melisse:

“For that special occasion dinner this is the place to go. Chef Josiah Citrin's modern French cuisine is truly an experience. Put yourself in his hands and opt for a tasting menu.”

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