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Taking a few minutes before a headlining show at the Key Club in Hollywood, Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 took time to give the LA Weekly insight into the much anticipated second Murderdolls record, Women and Children Last (due out in August on Roadrunner Records). The duo also elaborated on their affinity for punk rock, glam, black metal and the 'cock rock' that made the Sunset Strip a Mecca for aspiring hair bands in the '80s LA metal scene. Jordison also spoke of his future with Rob Zombie and the Murderdolls. The drummer respectfully wished not to give any public comment about the recent, tragic and untimely death of his Slipknot brother, founding member and bass player Paul Gray.

Jordison and Wednesday 13 sat on an old couch, and relaxed in a room just behind the stage, as roadies began hauling in equipment inside the venue and as the line of fans, mostly in black, began to form just outside the Key Club's entrance on Sunset.

The Murderdolls have a distinctive glam rock/horror punk sound, a different approach to what Slipknot fans might ordinarily expect. Yet, Jordison's guitar work and songwriting abilities truly stand out, in this successful mesh of thrash metal fury, hair metal attitude and punk rock ethos.

Wednesday 13 was eager to point out that initially his main influences were '80s metal and glam. “When I came into Murderdolls it was glam rock all the way, that was it for me,” he explained of his early days with the band. “If you didn't play glam, suck a dick!”

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“I didn't care about anything except for that, but now with this new record we have out, because of Joey, I've gotten into so many different bands and the heaviness shows with the music but also in my voice too, ” he said.

“We listen to everything really man,” Jordison interjected in a deep voice. “From Slayer, Satyricon Darktkrone, Killing Joke, Mayhem, the Zeros, the Adicts, on and on. We could literally go on and on forever naming bands we listen to.”

The Murderdolls have not played live since 2004, and fans have been eagerly waiting for the band's triumphant return. But as Jordison explained, Women and Children Last is the band's real first album as a cohesive unit. “The first record was songs from my old band and songs from Wednesday's old band. But on this album we wrote songs collectively. This record is heavier darker and more violent, and I consider this to be the first real Murderdeolls record.”

“Our show in Pomona was a fun show, kind of weird,” admitted Wednesday 13. “The first shows are always weird. But out of all the first shows I've ever played that was the smoothest one ever. It was really great to play our songs and see the crowd reaction when played; it's the best thing about touring.”

“Officially all we have now are these two shows: the one we played in Pomona and here at the Key Club,” said Jordison. “But soon we will be making announcements to our fans about future tours and band members. We just can't release that information now but it will be released soon.”

As of yet, the only official tour set is for the end of the summer, when Murderdolls will take part of the UK version of Ozzfest in September alongside Ozzy, Korn, Skindred and others. “We have some really cool plans for shows, and a Halloween tour with other bands in the U.S., but nothing we can announce now,” said Wednesday 13. “We plan to tour as much as we can with this record, and take it around the world!”

After the show in LA Jordison will have a short few days off, then will return to the road on July 10 with Rob Zombie as part of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest with Korn, Lamb of God and others. “I am very happy with Zombie, I'll be in the band for a while, and I love playing with Rob and the band,” said Jordison. “I just recorded 4 songs with them yesterday it was great, really fun and I can't wait to go on tour with them, and then after I get back from the Mayhem tour, the Murderdolls record comes out that day, so it'll be more shows for us.”

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