During our first week of El Niño winter rain, some of you carried on by bravely enduring the elements and getting your butt to gyms, bars and restaurants. 

Some even embraced the power of Mother Nature and paddled out into storm surf or rode the deep carpet of powder that graced our local mountains.

But it's clear that a great number of Angelenos pulled the blankets over their heads and searched for love in their pajamas.

Online dating site Zoosk says that the number of Californians who signed up to search for mates increased 38 percent this week.

“The first sweep of El Niño storms has officially hit the West Coast and, just like East Coasters when the blizzards arrive, Californians are jumping online to pass the time during this unusual rainfall,” a spokeswoman for the site said.

Many of you think rain is romantic.

Zoosk also says that there was a 16 percent increase in messages among users in the Golden State. There was a 25 percent increase in profile viewing in California. And there was a 24 percent increase in virtual flirting that Zoosk calls “winks” among state members of the site.

“El Niño is predicted to last into the spring, so now is a great time for Californians to try online dating to endure the storms together,” Zoosk's spokeswoman said.

Or — or — you could just, like, get out of the house and just eyeball actual live people, say hi, and have a drink together. 

Y'all really need to get out more.

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