A group of Jacksonville residents has started a campaign to keep their NFL team, the Jaguars, from moving to Los Angeles after the city gets a new NFL stadium. The online effort is titled, “No Way L.A.

The site notes that the city has gone through a succession of teams — the Dons, the Rams, the Chargers, and the Raiders — all leaving in what the Jacksonvillians dub somewhat of an epic FAIL:

“Nothing spells loser better than the California Economy, the Laker fans rioting in the streets, the Stanford girls getting beat by UConn, USC losing to the Gators, the annoying whine of Jim Rome and LA trying to be an NFL city,” reads a statement on the No Way L.A. site. But wait, there's more:

Stick to making movies, playing volleyball, breathing your smog filled air, sitting in traffic and surfing in your frigid shark infested waters. I really think you west coasters have been smoking too much medical marijuana to think anyone, let alone a football team, would give up Florida for the hell you live in. The Jaguars are committed to Jacksonville and the sunshine state.

The Los Angeles area has two NFL stadiums in the proposal stages, including one in Industry and one next to Staples Center. The Jaguars is one of the teams mentioned as a possibility for the new venue (a new expansion team has been deemed unlikely if not impossible).

CBS sports columnist Mike Freeman last week opined that the Jacksonville team was ready to be plundered: “The Jaguars represent the official end of the small-market experiment the NFL launched some 15 years ago. Those of us who championed the league expanding to non-traditional markets have to admit we were wrong.”

LA Weekly