The website Thrillist, with the help of Chris Kolmar of real estate site Movoto, examined the alcoholic attributes of each state in the nation, including the per-capita number of craft breweries and even bar closing times, to determine “America's booziest state.”

If you guessed that cold, northern locations did well — if only because they need the hooch just to stay warm half the time — you're right.

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But you might be surprised at how well otherwise sunny California did here.


We ranked 25th. Right in the middle. But consider this:

It's hard to compete with places that can do much better than our sad, provincial 2 a.m. last call.

And … we're a national powerhouse when it comes to beer and, of course, wine. In fact, Thrillest notes that the Golden State has “more wineries (1,756) than all 49 other states combined.”


The site also says we run the alcohol game when it comes to money: 

Credit: John Morgan/Flickr

Credit: John Morgan/Flickr

… It also leads the country when it comes to booze's economic impact, and houses some of the country's favorite craft Meccas like Stone & Russian River, plus impossible-to-ignore international heavies like Anheuser-Busch.

Strange, then, that we'd be beaten by No. 1 Oregon, Colorado (2), Alaska (3), Montana (4) and Vermont (5). Say what?

Guess we didn't do well in “bars per capita” and “volume drank,” two key metrics. Get to work, Californians.

Says Thrillist:

 … Even if you don't agree with the individual ranking of your state, or have qualms with a specific data column, we hope this piece gave you a deeper appreciation for the sheer diversity of American drinking culture. Cheers, folks.

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