Ah, Prop. 19, the law that would let you carry an ounce of weed (if you're 21 or older) and tax cannabis for the benefit of all Californians. Sounds irie to us, mon. Except that …

Gov. Schwarzenegger just signed a law making it a misdemeanor to possess personal amounts of bud. Come January, if you're caught with a joint behind your ear you'll get a ticket. That is if you don't have a medical marijuana card (if so, you'll be free to go).

So why do we need free-and-clear legalization when a $45 doctor's visit (just check the print edition of LA Weekly for the pot-M.D. ads) will produce the same results?

It's a point brought up by more than a few commenters, including our commenter du jour, Frank:

This will all be moot in January when the new law goes into effect that the Governor signed making possession of up to an oz just an infraction with a $100 ticket. No more arrests. NO NEED FOR PROP 19.


Are you still fired up for 19 even though pot is practically legal anyway?

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