So, St. Louis mayor Francis Slay and our own mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, have a friendly bet going on the series. If the Dodgers win, Tony V. gets some toasted raviolis (I assume that passes for cuisine in St. Louis), a Build-a-Bear critter (what the hell?!), and a Twitter T-shirt (ditto).

If the Dodgers lose, Tony V. is offering: a plate of Dodger Stadium garlic fries (warning, Mayor Slay: they're soggy enough at the stadium–imagine what they'll be like by the time they get to you); a case of Budweiser (I assume Tony V. was trying to be clever about the St. Louis-based beer maker, but hasn't he ever heard of homegrown Angel City Brewery?); and a humongous burrito (assuming it can be pried away from Jonathan Broxton).

I say if the Dodgers lose we just send them our mayor. I hear St. Louis' public schools need fixing too. 

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