As ambitious public art projects in non-traditional locations go, Flag Stop at South Bay Lexus rather takes the cake. The organizers have invited projects from emerging and high-profile curators, such as Howard Fox, Scott Canty of LAMAG, Lily Seigel of MOCA as well as independent and gallery curators from William Moreno Contemporary Los Angeles, L2kontemporary, den contemporary, and literally dozens more independent artist-curators, commissioned artists, arts organizations and places in between. Each invited person or group has been given free reign to conceive and install exhibitions that speak to broader trends of L.A. art, drawing on their personal circles of peers, stables of represented talent, or just ideas they've always wanted to explore (for example Howard Fox's special presentation of Bob Zoell's work). Works in every possible medium will be installed throughout the dealership offices, as well as outdoors in public open spaces on the grounds, and in a number of “micro-gallery” storage pods. With some artists conceiving site-specific installations, such as light-based sculpture activating a disused, dark and difficult hallway, and others seeking to transform the off-beat location into an art-friendly venue, expect surprises and a slightly carnivalesque atmosphere perfect for a Labor Day weekend culture jaunt — and further expect to come away impressed with the boundless creativity of L.A.'s art professionals, and hope for the future of private sector patronage. South Bay Lexus, 24777 Crenshaw Blvd,, Torrance, 90505. Sat.-Sun., Sept. 3-4, noon-6 p.m.

Sat., Sept. 3, 12-6 p.m.; Sun., Sept. 4, 12-6 p.m., 2011

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