Did you miss out on Oinkster's second annual Burger Week? We sampled a few of the seven classics-inspired sandwiches ourselves, but lacked the true gastronomic constitution to sample all of them. Luckily, Geoff Sawyer and Molly Bergen of the new food blog Hood Burger have been providing burger aficionados with a recap and review of every one of Oinkster's offerings.

Their consensus seems to be that the week's top burgers were Andre Guerrero's pork abodo creation, the “Red Castle” sliders, and the Carl's Jr.-inspired “Northeastern” burger. And a creation by the Grill 'Em All Truck dubbed the “Ulti-meatum,” which Sawyer describes thus:

The Ulti-meatum begins […] with a rare grilled beef patty on brioche. On top of that patty lies a heap of the Oinkster's house-cured pastrami, and Swiss cheese. Under the patty, one finds a bed of blue cheese coleslaw, topped with an equally healthy heap of the Oinkster's Carolina-style pulled pork (which, as an N.C. native. I feel fully qualified to say is a particularly respectable homage unto itself), and “Himalayan Ketchup,” which is actually a blend of garlic aioli, ketchup, Pop Rocks(?!?!) and red food dye, to ensure this thing looks as crazy as it actually is.

Check out Hood Burger for more descriptions and pictures of the week's burgers. You won't be able to get any of them anymore, but at least you can drool onto your computer.

Editor's note: Molly Bergen, who also writes for West Coast Sound, recently covered Jack White for the Weekly. Because he's even cooler than burgers.

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