Electric Daisy Carnival begins tomorrow out in Las Vegas. The dance music festival is known for being a destination for rave-loving adults playing dress up while also taking into consideration that it's crazy hot in the desert at all hours of the day. Basically, this means we're all going to be nearly naked except for our candy colored wigs and some sort sort of clothing item that either glows in the dark or is covered in blinking lights and feathers.

Yes, fashion will err largely towards EDM-style dayglo with a dash of LMFAO, but this fest is also an opportunity to get creative and rock clothing items and accessories one would never sport in real life, which is totes fun.Here are the must have items for this trek into sartorial madness.

El Wire Bra: Ladies, this item is for when you want something fancier than a bikini top and more supportive than electrical tape. The el wire bra not only looks chic (in a skeezy raver kind of way), but also makes you easy to spot after dark. No complaining that everyone is staring at your chest though, because this item makes your boobs legitimately hypnotic.

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Rave pants: Those born after 1985 probably don't remember rave pants, but apparently they're making a comeback. According to the folks at dance fashion website Raveready, the wide leg parachute trousers that dance scene folks used to rock in the '90s are back “whether you are an old school raver looking for those classic 69″ phats, or a new school shuffler looking for lightweight dance pants.” They say “lightweight dance pants” and we hear “perfect place to stash all of your contraband,” but potato potahto.

Busting moves your childhood dance teacher would not have approved of

Busting moves your childhood dance teacher would not have approved of

Tutus: Sometimes a little girl's dream of being a ballerina becomes an older woman's dream of dancing her ass off at three in the morning while pressed up against an amp during a Hardwell set. Still, the whimsical appeal of wearing a tutu remains. Wear yours in neon, obviously.

Swimwear: Whether you're going bikini, tankini, one piece or board shorts, sporting your bathing suit is the easiest way to combat the heat, look sexy (probably!) and ensure that your dance moves aren't hindered by pesky clothing.

Wigs: Putting on a wig is a fast and effective way to make yourself feel like someone you're not, which leads to doing things that you'd never normally do, which leads to fun, which is what this whole affair is all about. Basically, wigs equal good times, especially if said wig is a color not typically found in nature.

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Snuffleupagus style

Snuffleupagus style

Furry boot covers: What are these furry boot cover things, even? Why did people start wearing them? For warmth? At one point were they made of real fur rather than flammable synthetics? So many questions, but ultimately these accessories are a rave wear classic that are kind of cute despite the fact that it's entirely unclear what their actual function is.

Masquerade masks: In fashion and in life, a bit of mystery can go al ong way in terms of sex appeal. A mask ups your mystique factor and lends itself to a superhero influenced style in a setting where you're already probably feeling largely invincible as a function of drugs, alcohol and bass music.

Magic hands

Magic hands

Light up gloves: To be fair, these gloves are typically worn by bro dudes waving their hands around all fancy in an effort to dazzle folks who are rolling their faces off. It can look ridiculous. But you know what? Sometimes it is actually kind of dazzling.

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