Culture PickThe Barbie movie is bonafide blockbuster hit, so the marketing hoopla surrounding it is not going anywhere. Though we felt the branding hype ultimately made for expectations the film couldn’t live up to (read our review HERE) we still can’t resist buying into the plucky pink party vibes and celebration of dress-up and girl power. If you can’t get enough of Barbie and her dream life, read on for ways to keep the fantastic plastic fun going, all with L.A. brand ties and at local events.


If you really want to learn about the blonde doll’s history check out Barbie Nation, the cult documentary classic which just released a director cut on streaming platforms a few weeks ago. The film delves “into the depths of Barbie‘s dreamhouse, intimately exploring the peculiar ways in which people have embraced Barbie throughout history – and the doll’s own saucy rise from a German sex toy to the savior of Mattel.”

HGTV‘s Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge features home design and renovation experts transforming a  Santa Clarita domicile into the ultimate Barbie Dreamhouse. Read more and see photos HERE.


We’ll probably all hate the color pink by next year, but right now we cant get enough. We wont be listing everything licensed since literally every fashion magazine out there has already done so. InStyle has a great round-up of official Barbie collaborations and products HERE.

Instead, we highlight two of our favorite L.A. brands, both of which bring Barbie’s bodacious style to beauty and fashion:


(Unique Vintage)

The Burbank-based clothing company called Unique Vintage is no Barbie come lately. They’ve been doing cute Mattel-collabs for years, all size-inclusive and decidedly retro. From vintage Barb’s classic black and white one piece bathing suit to 50’s style satin bomber jackets to pink gingham pantsets, there’s something for dolls of all sorts.


(NYX Professional makeup)

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The NYX Professional Makeup Barbie Collection captures the ultra-femme vibrancy of the movie with a limited-edition collection featuring mini shadow and cheek Palettes (with collectible mini Butter Gloss keychain attachments),  Barbie and Ken signature shaded Jumbo Eye Pencils n blue and pink, Barbie Faux Lashes with wisps of Barbie pink, lip glosses, and Barbie Flip Phone Mirror. NYX also joined forces with Warner Bros., Discovery, Mattel Philanthropy, on the Barbie Dream Gap Project — an initiative benefiting the Save the Children foundation.


Colorful doll vibes are everywhere this Summer thanks to Barbie, even if the products aren’t officially licensed with her logo or image. Here’s a couple cool ones:

Candies3 Malibu Crush

(Candies Malibu Crush)

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AS by DF, an L.A. sustainable leather brand, just released some recycled pretty in pink pieces to dye for. They use scraps (which would otherwise be waste) to create skirts, jackets and tops that biker Barbie would don proudly, using 90% less water than with traditional leather garments.

We screened the film last Friday during a launch party for Candies’ Malibu Crush, and the new perfume definitely smells like something B –or Skipper– might wear. The pretty bottle would definitely look great on Barbie’s vanity.


world barbie

World of Barbie (Lina Lecaro)

If you want to immerse yourself in Barbie, beyond products and beyond movies, head over to World of Barbie at Santa Monica Place, an immersive experience with 20,000 square-feet of life size doll backdrops (Barbie’s beach house, closet, camper van, music studio and more) plus a museum-style display section featuring Barbie dolls over the years and in different guises. Kids and adults alike will have a blast taking selfies and indulging in plastic passions here.

For grow-ups only: there’s Sips After Sunset, featuring theme drinks and DJs in the experience. Next event is July 27th.  The all-ages walk-thru is open now until the end of August.

C’Mon Barbie Let’s Go Party!

Event promoters are not immune to the Barbie bonanza. This week and beyond, themed Barbie bashes are the rule not the exception in L.A. Here’s our picks (click for me). Wear Pink, natch.

Morning Lavender’s Summer of Pink Party- Thursday, July 27

Fiel Fridays Barbie Bash – Friday, June 28

Club 90’s Barbie Party– Saturday, July 29


(Summer Halloween Party at the Oracle)

Summer Halloween Party– (Barbie/Oppenheimer crossover costumes suggested )- Saturday, July 29

Barbieland Pool Party- Sunday, July 30

Paint barbie

(Barbie Paint Night at Don Chente Bar & Grill)

Barbie Paint Night– Wednesday, August 2


Bye Barbie!

Though they’re sold-out, we’d be remiss if we didn’t end this Barbie-themed piece by highlighting our absolute favorite Mattel Creations collaboration in recent memory. Back in October of last year, whimsically dark artist Mark Ryden presented a collection of art and limited edition dolls that were nothing short of sublime. Even non-Barbie fans marveled at the beauty, detail and pure imagination that went into these fine fantastical figures, which you can still find on Ebay, though at higher collectable value.  If you missed them, enjoy this eyeful and learn more HERE.


(Courtesy Mattel/Mark Ryden)


(Courtesy Mattel/Mark Ryden)

HJN31 C 2022 172

(Courtesy Mattel/Mark Ryden)

HJN30 C 2022 118

(Courtesy Mattel/Mark Ryden)


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