When the good people at TRUFF decided to create the flavor explosion that is TRUFF sauce, they could have stopped there and still gone down in history as one of the most innovative and popular food items of the 21st century. Their vegan, gluten-free sauces come in a variety of flavors, with the unprecedented addition of truffles (black or white, depending on the label) making them a front-runner brand making at-home and on-the-go umami accessible to everyone, not just the culinary elite. 

But shaking up the food industry wasn’t enough for them. From social media to advertising, A-list influencer collaborators and inclusion in exclusive events and restaurants, TRUFF has developed a brand personality unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Just like a drop of TRUFF sauce on your tongue, TRUFF as a personality is everywhere, hitting all the sweet spots to stay top-of-mind. 

The newest attention-grabbing item in TRUFF’s arsenal is the entertaining and informative YouTube series: WHAT THE TRUFF?! Each curated short video “spotlights an exciting and diverse lineup of celebrities, influencers, and tastemakers to create questionably delicious meals using strange and unique ingredients,” explains TRUFF’s prodigious marketing team. 

Since WHAT THE TRUFF?! first debuted on TRUFF Kitchen’s dedicated YouTube Channel (believe it or not they have even more series hosted on their main page, including cooking shows and more), they’ve released episodes with DJ deadmau5, Actor Cody Christian, UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer, with more to come, including Skateboarder Boo Johnson, YouTuber Mike Majlak, and Rapper GASHI

The episodes so far have been a fun look, not only into how to use and cook with TRUFF, but an intimate view into each guest’s true personality and who they are as the real person behind the personas they’ve so successfully built up. 

The next episode featuring Boo Johnson drops today, Friday, April 15. You can see it here, and catch up on previous episodes on the same page. 

Happy snacking!

LA Weekly