Sen. Bob Dutton, the Senate minority leader, complained yesterday that Gov. Jerry Brown's wife, Anne Gust Brown, yelled at him during closed-door budget meetings.

“I was yelled at more than I was talked to,” Dutton said. “And mostly by Mrs. Brown, not even by the governor.”

The reason for the yelling, presumably, was Dutton's seven-page list of demands — which included things like hacking up CEQA and doing away with teacher seniority.

But whatever the reason, it raises an etiquette question: What should you do if the governor's wife yells at you?

Sen. Bob Dutton

Sen. Bob Dutton

Option 1: Call a press conference to complain about it. Upside: Good chance to vent. Downside: Looks like whining.

Option 2: Calmly and patiently explain why no commercial, residential or mixed-use project that can reasonably be characterized as “urban infill” should be subject to environmental review. Upside: Developers will love you. Downside: Not cathartic.

Option 3: Yell back. Upside: Catharsis! Downside: Might not get invited to the next soiree on the Delta King.

Option 4: Man up. Upside: It's what Reagan would have done. Downside: The world will never know your pain.

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