With 1 out of every 10 Golden State workers unemployed, the recession has been especially hard on California. Employment-seekers clog job fairs like so many American Idol contestants. Just today 500 people reportedly showed up at a health-industry career event in Pasadena.

But the clouds continue to part. Witness the announcement today that USC hospitals would be hiring 300 skilled employees to staff its facilities. In fact, the university's needs require “aggressive hiring,” according to a USC statement. Workers are being sought for USC University Hospital and USC Norris Cancer Hospital.

“This is a unique opportunity to join the university leadership in really building the USC culture at University Hospital and at Norris,” states Matthew F. McElrath, the new human resources chief at the USC hospitals.

The school is hiring nurses, physicians, administrators, therapists and environmental workers. “We have a number of exciting career opportunities available in a tough market,” McElrath said.

So get in line.

LA Weekly