The car rental market accounted for over $86 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $131 billion in the United State by 2026, according toMordor Intelligence. The effects of the pandemic are a large reason the car rental industry is booming, with air traffic slowing and travel restrictions across the world. It can often be difficult to set yourself apart in an industry as large as this, but Black & White Car Rental in Los Angeles knows just what to do in this day and age to attract the right crowd.

Black & White has made all the right moves to bring in customers in LA, from top brand partnerships to working with very successful influencers. They have partnered with prestigious companies like Surf Air, an LA-based private charter flight company, to Carneros Resort, an upscale resort in Napa. They have also teamed up with celebrities and social media stars such as DJ Khaled, Jacob Riglin, and Dwight Howard.

The social media partnerships along with a very curated and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed has led them to gain almost 100k followers on the platform. From G-Wagons to Rolls Royces, Black & White has the perfect luxury vehicle for your time in Los Angeles at very reasonable rates.

Black & White offers impeccable service and ensures that every single client is well taken care of. The company is privately owned and takes care of every detail you could need. Whether you are looking for premium comfort or exotic luxury, Black & White has the car for you.
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