The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is getting set for an April 12 reopening and released a video guide of what students can expect when going back in person.

Using Strathern Street Elementary in North Hollywood as the video’s setting, the video highlights a step-by-step process from boarding a school bus in the morning, to leaving the campus at the end of the school day.

“Many have asked me what school will look when students return,” LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “One of our students, Mia, a second-grader, kindly volunteered to show us what a typical day for an elementary school student will look like. Please enjoy highlights of her experience.”

Temperature checks will be conducted before boarding school buses and again before entering a school’s entrance. Students will be asked to line up 6 feet apart as they wait to enter and show a “daily pass.”

With classroom capacity being reduced and desks being separated at least 3 feet apart, teachers will usher in their students and help them into the correct seating arrangements.

For recess, students will only leave to play with those who are in their particular cohort.

Bathrooms will also be regulated, with every other stall being blocked off, as well as sinks and the number of entering students being limited.

When classes end, teachers will call students one-by-one to let them exit and pick up an individually-packaged meal.

From there, students will either go home, or attend an after school program.

United Teachers Los Angeles, who represent LAUSD teachers, announced that teachers “overwhelmingly” voted in support of the two sides’ reopening terms.

Parents who choose to allow their children to return to in-person classes must fill out a survey. Students are not required to return and may still receive online instruction and by part of the reopening terms, may still receive a school lunch.

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