Many people have already heard of THC and usually the one they’re referring to is commonly known as Delta-9-THC. However, in terms of legality and health, Delta-9 isn’t often considered to be the best. This may probably be because of its extreme psychoactive effects, the paranoia that comes along with it and the anxiety it causes some users to experience. Nevertheless, there is a new strain on the block, and they say it’s becoming quite popular quite fast. Have you heard of Delta-8 yet?

Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid that originates from the cannabis flower. But due to its small quantities, Delta 8 is extracted from plants and processed in labs where it is treated with care and developed into concentrate.

Delta-8-THC, which is the milder twin of Delta-9 has now been made legal. It contains neuroprotective features that don’t just alleviate pain but increase your appetite, and also help with anxiety and nausea. Ever since the Farm Bill of 2018 passed, it made it legal for hemp growers to sell and produce this strain of cannabis openly, without restraints. So of course, as soon as Delta-8 hit the markets, it was evident that all the smokers around the United States immediately jumped on the bandwagon and decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Delta-8 unlike Delta-9 gained its popularity for many reasons. But one that is quite crucial to highlight is the fact that sellers must follow certain rules and regulations if they wish to continue in the business. That being said, the rule is for them to produce any hemp product but it has to be within the legal THC limit, which is 0.3%. Don’t get it wrong though, Delta 8 will get you high similar to Delta-9 but it often comes without all the cons and just a bunch of pros. Yes, that’s right. With Delta-8 consumers can not only consume the product without causing any legal offences but they also don’t have to experience the same level of paranoia and anxiety that those consuming Delta-9 do. So, if this is your first time trying it, just know, that Delta-8 basically mimics the effects of Delta-9 but can be easily produced from CBD.

For the producers, it has been lifechanging. The customer response to Delta-8 has been shockingly high, making the cannabinoids value extremely hard to resist. Depending on quality and quantity, the wholesale price of a kilogram of Delta-8 ranges from between $1500 to $2000. In comparison, CBD isolate value has diminished to a mere $600 for a kilogram. Another factor that has benefited producers vastly is the grey area that exists when talking about Delta-8. Though there are some cons to this uncertainty, there are some pros too. With its legality being a confusing topic, producers can now stock their supplies at places such as bodegas and dispensaries that many other producers of THC do not have access to.

Though it has been significantly popular amongst the masses, it has raised a few brows and invited a sharp divide among those in the hemp as well as marijuana industry. While some claim that Delta-8 is still better in comparison to Delta-9 because they can still enjoy the high but without the extreme effects, others believe that Delta-8 is still Delta-9 being sold under false pretenses. They believe that hemp extractors who have excess amounts of CBD try to offload the surplus by selling Delta-9 THC under the label of Delta-8. Because of this, many consumers now worry that this claim would threaten the general hemp industry and its functions. Many politicians now seem hesitant and untrusting of what’s being sold at these dispensaries. Since they are the ones that approved the bill and passed it, tremendous amounts of responsibility now lie on their shoulders. If the claims are true, and Delta-9 THC is being sold as Delta-8, then it could lead to sever consequences not only for those selling them but also those consuming them.

This has also led to many individuals, who were planning on investing in the hemp industry while it’s still hot, to change their minds. The grey area often throws off new entrepreneurs who wish to reap the benefits but don’t want to deal with the liabilities.

Though it has become increasingly popular and somewhat of a hot topic amongst those in the industry, many still wonder how long will Delta-8 be around for. It might be a fad at the moment, but is Delta 8’s fame fleeting? Well, it might be. Some people do still prefer Delta 9 THC and often settle for Delta-8 because of convenience. But if given the option, majority might just switch to the former. Another reason is the unclear, grey area. Many people believe that the bill was passed in haste and several technicalities weren’t considered but once these issues are overseen, it’s likely that Delta-8 might just fall back in line with Delta-9 THC.

Regardless of the debate, manufacturers say that even if it loses its position in the current market, Delta 8 will most likely find its place in the larger cannabis economy. So, whatever happens, it’s highly unlikely that Delta-8 will ever completely be wiped off the market now.

Besides, ever since it has become legal, many people have added products such as gummies, edibles, flowers, concentrates and other candies to their daily routine. Many people also swear by its relieving effects, its ability to alleviate pain and the general lightness it brings with it.

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