Formerly monikered the “Pig-a-Thon,” A Taste in San Pedro serves up a lot more than pork. The cuisine of this South Bay city is apparently of Slavic, Italian and Mexican origin, but this weekend's food festival is all over the map: McQ's Smoke House (BBQ!), Mishi's Strudel Bakery & Cafe (strudel!), Thai Tiffany (fried rice!), Puesta del Sol (mini-burritos!), Penguin Snow Cones (AND churros! AND funnel cake!), the Los Angeles Harbor College Culinary Arts Program (the Supercuts of food!), and Albertsons Service Deli & Fresh Bakery (!). Tastes are redeemable by ticket, as in, three tickets for a pizza slice, five tickets for a wine flight, and so on and so forth. The entertainment is free, so don't mock the rock. Cover bands include Spirit of Zeppelin, Soul Sacrifice, and Hollywood Stones (formerly Sticky Fingers).

Fri., Aug. 6; Sat., Aug. 7; Sun., Aug. 8, 2010

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