Whether it be traditional or alternative medicine, both practices only have one goal — to improve the health of mankind. Sometimes, it’s our fellow earth inhabitants that can help us — bacteria, but the good kind.

Probiotics have long been used in food and medicine. We always think it’s to alleviate our gut problems, but there are new findings that suggest that these good bacteria can also benefit our mental health — these products are called Psychobiotics. Sounds like a foreign concept, doesn’t it?

Get familiarized with the correlation here.

What Are Psychobiotics and Who Needs Them?

Psychobiotics are prebiotics or probiotics that are taken by several people because of the increasing amount of research claims that they can improve a person’s psychological state. These live microorganisms can help a person ingesting it when these specific types of bacteria react with the person’s gut microbiota; it’s reported to affect the central nervous system. Therefore, many psychological issues (that are not necessarily illnesses) can be eradicated or minimized.

Insomnia and anxiety are common problems hundreds and thousands of sufferers endure every day. It’s also a well-known fact that stress and exhaustion are huge factors as to why people experience it. But since the wider availability of psychobiotics, many of those who take the supplement report that it helped them with their issues.

Should I Try Psychobiotics?

Insomnia and anxiety are still well-known issues that many suffer from. Many of them opt for natural and alternative medicine as the side effects of traditional treatment can range from bothersome to unbearable — probiotics can relieve these problems minus the negative effects. However, since this type of alternative medicine is still fairly new. Therefore, more studies need to be conducted; psychobiotics may have other potential mental health benefits to a person.

Are Psychobiotics the New Trend?

Just like when CBD rose to popularity — and is still very trendy because of the number of positive claims — psychobiotics are projected to be the next big thing. Right now, psychobiotics, just like synbiotics, postbiotics, and prebiotics, are trending under the Microbiome Therapeutics category but it’s not for your skincare or your gut health — it’s for your mental well-being.

There are a number of psychobiotic-seekers who wish to try and continuously use this type of product. Just last year, microbiome therapeutics studies increased 15% more; psychobiotics are also included in these types of research — this suggests that there’s a great number of good-bacteria fans. The number is so great that the rise of psychobiotics and other microbiome therapeutics market can increase up to 10 times more in the next five years.

That Said,

A lot of people want to ask “What are psychobiotics?” but those who already know and have tried those types of products can swear by them. If you struggle with focus or mental clarity, psychobiotics could be worth a try.


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