After catching Sam Moore's tribute to Isaac Hayes at the Sunset Junction Street Fair, we raced over to The Echo Saturday night to see The (New) Germs, squeezing into a prime viewing location to the left of the stage, where apparently, we caught the attention of the blog bitches at Defamer!

(Scroll down to the third photo after you click the link)

The caption above our mug in the post reads:

There were quite a few of 30-something ex-punks in the crowd at the Echo Saturday night….

First of all, the OG (original Germs) fans in the house Saturday were more like 40-somethings (the band ran from about '77-'80, when we were 8-10 years old, much too young to slamming out in the clubs). Secondly, we're not sure whether we should be offended by the assumption about our age (we've been told we don't look a day over 29!) or flattered by the writer's other assumption about our hardcore music background.

We were never “punk” per se, but in our, yes, 30+ years, we have been “goth,” “metal” and even “new wave.” We're not an “ex” anything though. Now that we're a grown-up, we're actually more open-minded than we used to be. Better than being a jaded old fart right?

Once you get older and wiser, you don't need to be such a hater. Just look at happy-go-lucky Pat Smear.

Defamer's assertion that you shouldn't smile at a Germs show was kinda wack, and the pics accompanying the post (including the one of yours truly) actually proved the opposite. Punk gigs don't always have to be full of pissy-pusses. The blogosphere, of course, is another story.

Proving our point further, our gal pals, over thirty, smiling and sexy at the Germs show.

Photos by Lina Lecaro (look for more from The Germs show and Sunset Junction in our Nightranger slideshow this Friday).

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