Plastic bottled water is out, given that most bottles never decompose and have this nasty habit of finding their way to our oceans, only to float to some Arctic nether region where it's just a matter of time before a litter of baby penguins suffocates, having stuck their heads inside in a moment of innocent, brand-new-baby curiosity gone wretchedly awry. How exactly does a conscious, responsible planetary citizen go about wetting her proverbial whistle? Eco H2O, located in a Sherman Oaks mini-mall, features more than a dozen pristine faucets out of which flow a dazzling selection of alkaline, mineralized, structured and oxygenated water varietals and a seemingly endless combination thereof. BYOB (as in, a bottle you don't throw away), or buy one of them on site, then fill up with the peace of mind that comes with not raping your home planet.

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