West Hollywood voters defied the city's entrenched political establishment and overwhelmingly approved term limits for the City Council by more than 1,000 votes.

The passage of Measure C is a huge blow to West Hollywood's cliquish political scene, which has opposed term limits for years. Councilman John Heilman, who's been sitting in office since 1985 when Ronald Reagan was president, has long been an ardent opponent.

West Hollywood term limits campaign manager Scott Schmidt says, “To the thousands who signed our petition, to the dozens who gave time or money, and everyone who voted today, I have this to say: We are the change we have been waiting for.”

Term limits campaign chair Lauren Meister says, “West Hollywood voters sent a message tonight. Measure C ensures that West Hollywood has a mechanism in place to bring

fresh perspectives and new energy to the Council. It opens the door to broader public

participation in the legislative process in our City, which benefits everyone.”

Schmidt adds, “West Hollywood is fortunate to have many dedicated public servants who give so much of their time and effort to the City Council. Measure C preserves their ability to continue serving–for as long as 12 years–but it also gives fresh faces and new voices a seat at the table as well. This was a win for everyone in West Hollywood.”

City Council members can now only serve three, four-year terms. If re-elected, the current council members — John Heilman, Abbe Land, John D'Amico, John Duran, and Jeff Prang — can stay in office for another 12 years.

In the City Council race, according to unofficial results, Duran and Prang won another re-election and beat out former Councilman Steve Martin. Prang got 2,395 votes, Duran 2.064, and Martin 1,393. Measure C received 2,690 “yes” votes and 1,653 “no” votes.

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