Will voters finally put term limits on West Hollywood City Council members, who almost never get voted office and only leave until they die or retire? That's the reality of WeHo politicians' strangle-grip on power, and now community activists are pushing forward Measure C — the term limits initiative that voters will consider on the March 5 ballot.

Unsurprisingly, West Hollywood's political establishment hates term limits, but the Yes on Measure C campaign got a big boost in the past few days when Councilman John D'Amico and longtime City Hall insider and current City Council candidate Sam Borelli came out strongly supporting Measure C.

“It was not an easy decision because the progressive idealist in me believes that each election is an opportunity for voters to choose their leadership.” Borelli says in a press release. “But after nearly 10 years serving the community as a West Hollywood Public Safety commissioner, and now as a candidate for City Council, I have seen and experienced a very closed system to keep even the most qualified candidate from threatening the 'old-boys network.'”

Just like many people before him, Borelli has clearly seen how West Hollywood's cliquish political system is really run, which L.A. Weekly exposed in the widely-read, hard-hitting cover story “West Follywood.” Take a gander. It may change your mind about a few things.

In his press statement, Borelli, who has worked inside WeHo's political establishment for years, makes more interesting observations.

“There are numerous unquestionably qualified commissioners, board members and other actively engaged residents who would make excellent council members,” says Borelli. “Unfortunately, the current system does nothing to encourage and, in too many cases, actively discourages many from even considering the aspiration of what should be a natural part of any progressive community.”

He adds, “Especially upsetting to me was the intimidation of seniors in West Hollywood, not just during this election, but the past too. This is unacceptable, because I know, as a city we can do better.”


Years ago, West Hollywood voters rejected a term limits ballot measure. Will they change their minds on March 5?

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