We told you about a movement in Santa Monica to ban smoking at apartment and condo complexes. Now the city of West Hollywood is looking at a proposal to prohibit lighting up in outdoor areas of clubs and restaurants.

The idea comes courtesy of Mayor Abbe Land and Mayor Pro Tem John Heilman, the latter of which is drafting the ordinance for the full City Council's consideration, according to WeHo News. The law will “will create a more enjoyable atmosphere to the public,” Land is quoted as saying.

Not everyone, however, is on board. Some club and restaurant owners say the prohibition will hurt business. And Councilman John Duran said, according to the news, that the law would be “”antithetical to what we are as a city.”

Indeed, it's one of those ideas that tests the political soul of a liberal city like West Hollywood. Liberal, in a core sense, means leaving people alone. Taking smoking areas from businesses is far from that. But the new, paternal liberalism in places like West Hollywood and Los Angeles means protecting people from themselves.

Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Calabasas and Burbank have similar laws, according to the News, and big, old Los Angeles is working on one.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em … for now.

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