A controversial West Hollywood pot shop, which has defied the city's attempts to shut it down like a weed that won't go away, finally had its doors shut this month.

But the last straw wasn't it's alleged lack of a proper pot-shop permit: No, it was allegedly out-of-compliance electrical wiring that an inspector said created such a hazard as to cause him to essentially red tag the Sunset Shoppe at 8921 Sunset Blvd.

And what did that wiring lead to?

According to WeHo News the wiring was connected to an allegedly illegal “grow room” at the shop.

Authorities discovered the set up last week when called to check out a smell of gas.

A lawyer for the pot shop, Michael Chernis, told the News there was more to the story though: He said the dispensary was firebombed — the second time in seven months.

Nonetheless, he said the pot shop would be back in business by the end of this week.

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