West Hollywood City Hall appears unconvinced that the gay mecca should name a street after movie star and AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor, according to WeHo News.

The online newspaper reports that none of the City Council offices “reported the 'call' from residents to change a street name. Instead, one council office suggested the chances of renaming a street stood somewhere between nil and none.”

Michelle Rex, the interim deputy for City Councilman John D'Amico, also appears to back off comments she made to L.A. Weekly earlier in the week.

In the recent WeHo News story, Rex is quoted as saying that she “received a couple calls” from residents who wanted a street named after Taylor.

In a March 29 email to the Weekly, Rex wrote: “A number of residents have called and written City Hall suggesting that the city name a street after Elizabeth Taylor, but to the best of my knowledge there hasn't been any formal discussion of that.”

That email gives the impression that WeHo City Hall has received more than just a “couple calls” from residents.

Rex did not respond to a request today for an interview.

The Weekly story had been picked up by many blogs and gay publications this week, including The Advocate, Towle Road, and Perez Hilton.

While West Hollywood City Hall tries to downplay support for an Elizabeth Taylor Way somewhere in the city, a number of residents have contacted this reporter, saying they support a street named after the AIDS activist.

B. Daniel Blatt, a gay Republican blogger who lives in West Hollywood, also wrote a post for GayPatriot.net, backing the idea.

Support for a West Hollywood tribute to Taylor, who died last week and tirelessly worked to raise money and awareness to combat AIDS, is obviously out there.

West Hollywood City Council members, who include D'Amico, John Duran, John Heilman, Abbe Land, and Jeff Prang (the four men are gay), often portray themselves on the cutting edge of issues and open to any kind of community input.

An anonymous deputy for one City Council member told WeHo News: “Renaming a street… can be a cost for residents/business. Maybe renaming an intersection by placing a sign.”

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