The West Hollywood City Council went ahead and tackled the most pressing issue facing this small, Westside town.

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Circus animals. Yes, the city with virtually no circuses coming through town put its foot down and said no last night to “the commercial display and performance of exotic animals.” Of course, Shepard Fairey's circus-like elephant outside the building where the WeHo City Council meets (above) is good:

The list of banned animals:

1. Non-human primates and prosimians (chimpanzees, monkeys)

2. Felidae (except domesticated cats)

3. Canidae (except domesticated dogs)

4. Ursidae (bears)

5. Proboscidae (elephants)

6. Crocodilia (alligators, crocodiles)

7. Marsupialia (kangaroos, opossums)

8. Reptilia over 8 feet in length and snakes and reptiles of venomous variety.

9. Perissodactyla (rhinoceroses, tapirs, but not horses or donkeys or mules)

10. Artiodactyla ( hippopotamuses, giraffes, camels, but not cattle, swine,

sheep or goats)

11. Hyaenidae ( hyenas)

12. Mustelidae (skunks, weasels, otters, badgers)

13. Procynonidae (raccoons, coatis)

14. Edentata ( anteaters, sloths, armadillos)

15. Viverridae (mongooses, civets, and genets)

16. Struthioniformes (ostriches)

17. Casuariiformes (emus)

And, of course, Lindsay Lohan. We kid.

The animals can be displayed to groups of less than 20, primarily for educational purposes, according to the ordinance first proposed by councilmembers Jeffrey Prang and John Duran.

So now you can add this needless ban to a list of airheaded Weho laws including its fur ban (there was not too much fur selling going on in the city), its cat-declawing ban, and its outdoor smoking ban for restaurant patios.

How a city so liberal can turn into a Nazi state still boggles our mind.

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