Undoubtedly, there have been one or more times that you've looked at the display window of an American Apparel and wished that you could summon up some latent telekinetic powers buried in your unconscious to make the store explode. Girl, you know it's true. So, let's imagine that when the neon-pink-colored mind beams fire from your temples, the store bursts into an explosion of smoldering lamé raining down upon Dov Charney's (hypothetical) fuchsia Corvette while he speeds by with a Zima on his dashboard. The soundtrack for this ashy rain of lamé could be none other than San Fransisco disco/dance quintet Sugar & Gold. Yesterday, the funky followers of the Church of Giorgio Moroder released their second album, Get Wet, into the populace and debuted the cheesetastic video for their synthy throwback, “Stay Soft.” And on Friday, Sugar & Gold stop by the Echo for their record release show, supported by the Italo-disco champ Baron Von Luxxury, and Ladytron enthusiasts Night Jewel. Lamé has never sounded so good.

But until then, enjoy their brand new video and a free MP3 download of “Stay Soft” after the jump.

Luxxury Kitten Attack!

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