In Hungarian director Béla Tarr’s dazzling, hypnotic allegory of human frailty and hope, rumors of impending chaos and violence follow a bizarre carnival attraction when it arrives under cover of darkness in the central square of an impoverished, unnamed Eastern European town. Announced by fliers pasted all along the town’s cobblestone streets, the show consists entirely of a single corrugated steel trailer, home to the preserved corpse of a giant blue whale and a mysterious homunculus named The Prince. As mobs of ragged men ominously gather around the trailer, János (Lars Rudolph), a naive young postman, moves among the town’s inhabitants with a message he seems unable to deliver. Having purchased a ticket to peek at the whale, he reports back to his elderly Uncle György, a philosopher of music obsessed with a centuries-old conspiracy of harmonic tuning, that the creature’s giant, lifeless eye contains the majesty of God’s infinite creation. János’ revelation, however, falls on deaf ears in an isolated community beset on all sides by twin crises of faith and knowledge. Into the breach steps the ever-unseen Prince — an authoritarian, nihilistic presence — who artfully goads a growing mob to unleash an orgy of horror and violence on the town. Evocatively shot in black-and-white and composed of long, meditative takes, Werkmeister Harmonies unfolds as a series of startling images that rattle the mind long after the film is over. In the film’s final moments, Tarr evokes the ending of another masterpiece of European anxiety, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, to close a grim cinematic circle at the conclusion of the 20th century.

—Paul Malcolm

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