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The Burning Man Temple

Burning Man — it's the best! It almost killed us!

But one thing's for certain; a week spent on the playa provides with an amazing cast of character provides endless quotables. Here are the best and funniest things we heard come out of folks' mouths.

“I'm ready for the apocalypse” -Girl dressed in a viking hat and a sword at the front gate

“I'm not a virgin anymore!” -One of our campmates as she makes playa angels on the ground

“This is not just an event it's a spiritual journey” -Someone at the temple

Curious Josh / LA Weekly

“Wow I love your outfit. Stay there so I can take a mental picture” -Guy cruising the playa

“Who needs an orgy tent when you have a trampoline?” -Our friend

“I can take your kitty for a ride” -Older dude with kittymobile art cart as we walk by in our kitty masks

Curious Josh / LA Weekly
Distrikt day party

“I've never seen so much penis, vagina and boobs in my life” -Playa virgin at the Distrikt

“Ohhhhh myyyy gawddddd I felt like I was fighting for my life and survival” -Woman crawling out of the 'Balls Deep' art installation.

“I'm meeting him at the 'Brand Ur Ass' camp” -Guy dressed as a bunny

“Holy shit, Diplo is so hot! There would be no pulling out with his fine ass” -Girl drinking champagne backstage during Major Lazer's surprise set on Thursday night

Curious Josh / LA Weekly
Sunset Trip

“If only Hollyweird was really this weird” -Girl outside of the Capitol Reckers building

“There's a slut garden? Why have we not spent more time there?” -Our friend

“We're so in love and getting married” -Couple who met four hours earlier

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