Updated. Controller Wendy Greuel announced today that she has raised a total of $1.11 million in the 2013 race for L.A. mayor, giving her a slim advantage over Councilman Eric Garcetti.

Garcetti announced today that he had raised $1.06 million since joining the race in September. Greuel launched her campaign last February, giving her a six-month head start on Garcetti.

“We're raising at about a three-times faster clip than they are,” said Bill Carrick, Garcetti's campaign consultant.

Also in the running are Councilwoman Jan Perry and Austin Beutner, the former City Hall jobs czar.

Greuel also led the fundraising pack at the close of the last reporting period, on June 30. At that time, she had raised $519,000. Since then, she added an extra $588,000. That's enough to put her ahead of Garcetti's total by a slender $44,302.35.

“While money isn't everything in a campaign, it sure is an early indicator of support, momentum, and energy behind a candidate,” said John Shallman, Greuel's campaign consultant, in a statement. “We're pleased with our strong fundraising numbers and remain committed to continuing to build our warchest by running an aggressive fundraising operation.”

Perry reported that she has raised $827,000 in total, and about $371,000 since June 30. Former radio host Kevin James announced that he has raised $154,000 — enough to qualify for public matching funds and a spot in upcoming debates.

Update, 2:27
p.m.: Perry's campaign just put out a press release crowing about her fundraising total and grabbing the mantle of reform.

Perry consultant Eric Hacopian: “The strong support that Jan has earned and the reason she has raised more than $826,000 from such a diverse base of supporters, is because Jan is seen as the only reformer running for mayor. Jan has always fought for what she believes in, calls it as she sees it, and is tough enough to take on the old boys' network at City Hall.”

Beutner, whose campaign team quit last week, has yet to report his totals. Beutner's campaign says they'll release that tomorrow.

Campaign finance reports are due tomorrow.

First reported at 1:22 p.m. Updated with numbers for Garcetti, Perry and James.

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