Speaking of Project Runway (below post), this will come as no surprise to those you’ve read our past posts: we actually kinda liked drag designer Chris’s winning leopard-print number last week. His wrestler diva’s red locks and big cat look is right up our alley.

Guess we’re not the only ones. Nikka Costa worked the combo at the Black Eyed Peas benefit at Avalon last Thursday.

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Across Hollywood, we found ourselves caught within a feline fashion flurry in the bathroom at club Social (formerly Hollywood Athletic Club) where DJ AM spun for another Grammy bash.

Chuggin the champs definitely makes for frequent toilet visits, and during one particularly surreal primping session, we couldn't help but notice two similarly spotted strangers next to us. The same dress might be a different story all together, but we looked like a drunken D&G photo shoot come to life (or maybe it just seemed that way because we were drunk). What else was there to do but strike a pose at that point? Meow…

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While nightclub loos can be ferocious (we’ve encountered our share of bitchy bathroom babes fighting for mirror space and or stall time), we’re usually pretty jovial in the john and even make pals there from time to time.

Everyone was pretty cool like dat (suprisingly) in the crowded bathroom at Goa earlier, where Fuse TV hosted a party with a live performance by Panic at the Disco.

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Though Thursday night was quite the love(cat) fest, that wasn’t the case last Friday at the People magazine mash at Avalon where speedy model types took over the laboratory with loud asinine banter (“I’m a texting slut! I’m a texting slut!”), beauty product meltdown (“Where’s my Spice lip pencil!”) and much too–long toilet stalling (they don’t call it a powder room for nothin’).

And dont even get us started on the attention whores in the VIP section. We do let the claws come out a bit about those in this week's Nightranger though. Check it out tomorrow…

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